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Traveling Hopefully: How to Lose Your Family Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life Excerpt from Traveling Hopefully: How to Lose Your Family Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life

by Libby Gill

Following are the Five Steps to Jumpstart Your Life that helped me get past my past and create the life I really wanted. As youíll see, all Five Steps are inextricably intervwoven but require separate explanation so that you can firmly grasp the concepts before you begin to combine them to create the life you want.

The Five Steps to Jumpstart Your Life

Step One: Dissect Your Past so You Can Direct Your Future

If you are living in denial about who you are and where you came from, itís going to be difficult to assess your current status and make the necessary changes to rewrite your future. Maybe youíre the adult child of an alcoholic and have minimized your parentís addiction. Your reluctance to see the situation as it is, or as it once was, doesnít change those circumstances, it just makes it harder for you to figure out how theyíve shaped you and how you can begin to change. Or maybe you donít consider your childhood especially traumatic, but you remember all too well the sting of the little slights and offenses and have begun to comprehend how even those minor wounds taken to heart over a lifetime have left their scars.

Step Two: Learn to Link Internal Clarity with External Action

The potent combination of internal clarity and external action will be the cornerstone of your transformation. The problem is most of us do one without the other. We develop a heightened sense of internal awareness, what you might call trusting your gut or following your intuition, but donít act on it. Or just the opposite: many of us are constantly on the go, but we havenít taken the time for the internal homework, so we donít really know where all that movement is supposed to take us. Weíre in motion for the sake of motion, like my sonís pet mouse inside its little Plexiglas ball, just rolling around and bumping into the furniture. Once you learn to link internal clarity with external action, youíll have the insight to know where you want to go and the action steps to get you there.

Step Three: Recruit a Support Squad

Is this all starting to sound a little trickier than you bargained for? Relax, you donít have to do it alone. If, like me, loneliness has long been a part of your personal story, you may be used to telling yourself that you have to do everything alone because:

-Nobody ever wants to help me
- I donít know where to turn for guidance
-I canít let anyone see how needy I am
-I canít trust anyone to do anything the way I would

Now letís rewrite that lonely story and imagine a life populated with generous folks who have your best interests at heart: your own personal Support Squad. Whether itís two people or twenty, itís much easier than you might think to create a support team to offer insight and inspiration, to help hold you accountable, and to celebrate your success.

Step Four: Create a Traveling Hopefully Personal Road Map

Hereís where the proverbial rubber meets the road on your hopeful travels. The first step has helped you understand how your family legacy has contributed to shaping the life youíre living. The second step has shown you how to develop your internal clarity, then translate it to external action. The third step shows you the value of a support system and how you can establish a custom team to keep you motivated. This step guides you in creating a detailed road map with very specific, measurable goals to which you, or others, can hold you accountable.

Step Five: Keep Moving Toward What You Want and Away From What No Longer Serves You

This positive momentum is the essence of hope -- something you must never be withoutóbecause even in your most desperate, frustrating, or challenging times, you need to, as the old expression goes, "keep on keeping on." The fifth step will teach you what all winners know -- that perseverance is everything -- and show you how to make perseverance a habit.

It took me a lifetime to learn the lessons Iím sharing with you, but it doesnít have to take you that long. In fact, youíre beginning right this very minute by learning the Five Steps to Jumpstart Your Life. As you move forward on your own hopeful travels, youíll shed the old baggage to which youíve been clinging, consciously or not, and discover the joy in replacing that outdated legacy with a level of awareness and self-compassion you might never have experienced before.

Libby Gill is a life-change coach, lecturer and author of two books, including the newly released Traveling Hopefully: How to Lose Your Family Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life. Libby can be reached online at or at 866-77-LIBBY.

Copyright © 2005 Libby Gill