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The Mystery Murder Case of the Century
by Robert Tanenbaum

by Anna Godbersen

Songs of 1966 That Make Me Wish I Could Sing
by Elizabeth Crook

The Opposite of Loneliness
by Marina Keegan

Remembering Ethel Merman
by Tony Cointreau

The Eleven Nutritional Commandments for Joint Health
by Richard Diana


Walking Through Darkness: A Nature-Based Path to Navigating Suffering and LossWalking Through Darkness: A Nature-Based Path to Navigating Suffering and Loss
by Sandra Ingerman

May the teachings in this book help you walk wakefully as you find your way back home

Difficult: Mothering Challenging Adult Children through Conflict and ChangeDifficult: Mothering Challenging Adult Children through Conflict and Change

​​Difficult brings to life the conflicts that arise for mothers who are confronted with the unexpected, burdensome, and even catastrophic dependencies of their adult children associated with mental illness, substance use, or chronic unemployment.
Through real stories of mothers and their challenging adult children, Difficult addresses a family situation which too many keep secret. The book allows readers to see that they are not alone.  It includes resources for getting help: finding social support, staying safe, engaging in self-care, and helping the adult child.

An Autobiography of Trauma: A Healing JourneyAn Autobiography of Trauma: A Healing Journey
by Peter A. Levine

An intimate memoir from Peter Levine, renowned developer of Somatic Experiencing and bestselling author of Waking the Tiger.

• Shares the author’s personal journey to heal his severe childhood trauma as well as his breakthroughs on the path to create Somatic Experiencing

• Explores how he came to view Einstein as his personal spirit guide and mentor, only to discover a profound real-life connection to him through his mother

• Explains how the SE method is derived from the author’s studies of animals in their natural environments, neurobiology, and 50 years of clinical observations

Your Heart Was Made For ThisYour Heart Was Made For This
by Oren Jay Sofer

A practical roadmap to cultivating the heart’s capacity to face and transform our greatest challenges—like the climate crisis, oppression, anxiety, and burnout—from the bestselling author of Say What You Mean. Meditation teacher Oren Jay Sofer shares a pragmatic guide to developing the inner resources necessary to meet a world in crisis with clarity, balance, and courage. Through touching stories, insightful reflections, and concrete instructions, Sofer offers powerful tools to strengthen our hearts and nourish the qualities that can transform our world. Each chapter guides you to cultivate a quality essential to personal and social transformation like mindfulness, resolve, wonder, and empathy. You’ll learn ways to: · Experience more choice and freedom in life · Strengthen your ability to focus, sustain energy, and accomplish goals · Develop healthy states of mind to respond more effectively to stress · Identify burnout and take steps to renew yourself · Imbue your daily activities with meaning and purpose

A novelA novel
by James Polkinghorn

First his brother, now his mother—Jack Girard searches for the truth behind his family’s tragedies.

by Bob McCaw

As people around him come under attack, Chief Detective Koa Kane wonders if he might be the real target.

In the back alley of a bar on Hawaii Island, a young man is found stabbed to death. When Hilo Chief Detective Koa Kane begins investigating the crime, the murder weapon is recovered only a few feet away from the body. Crime scene technicians find fingerprints on the knife—they are a perfect match for Koa’s younger brother, Ikaika.

Leaving: How I Set Myself Free from an Abusive MarriageLeaving: How I Set Myself Free from an Abusive Marriage
by Kanchan Moudgil

Raised by two loving parents in New Delhi, India, Kanchan Bhaskar has always been taught that marriage means companionship, tenderness, and mutual respect—so when she enters into an arranged marriage, this is the kind of partnership she anticipates with her new, seemingly wonderful, husband. But after they marry, she quickly discovers that his warmth is deceptive—that the man beneath the bright, charming façade is actually a narcissistic, alcoholic, and violent man.

Communicate with Courage: Taking Risks to Overcome the Four Hidden ChallengesCommunicate with Courage: Taking Risks to Overcome the Four Hidden Challenges
by Michelle Gladieux

Clear communication requires the courage to confront the psychological blocks that hold you back. Learn how to become a more fearless and peerless communicator.

Raising your game as a communicator is one of the best ways to make a difference in the world, but it takes courage to open up to others and invite others to open up to you. As a lifelong communication coach, Michelle Gladieux has discovered four sneaky obstacles that can keep you from becoming the best communicator you can be.

Daddy's GirlDaddy's Girl
by Mike Schnabel

How does a young mother overcome an 8 percent chance of living to raise her newborn son? She becomes a warrior and provides hope for others. Daddy's Girl is the story of a father, his daughter, and the deadly battle she won.
In each person’s life, there are events that forever change their course. Twenty-seven-year-old Stephanie experienced two of these events in fourteen days; the birth of her only child and the discovery that she has an 8 percent chance of living. She is haunted by the thought that this baby will only know her through pictures until she makes that thought her motivation to survive.

Above Quota PerformanceAbove Quota Performance
by Steve Weinberg

Above Quota Performance is filled with actionable, step-by-step guidance that will help rookie and seasoned sales pro alike find greater heights of success in their sales careers. By the end of this book, readers will fully understand why these tips and techniques work and how they can be applied to their current and future sales opportunities. With the right training, skills, and techniques, anyone can become a master sales pro.

Filled with the type of tips and techniques that only a long, successful career in sales could otherwise gain you, this book will teach you how to:

  • Generate and qualify leads
  • Identify buyer roles and why they buy
  • Understand the buying process
  • Utilize Value Propositions
  • Use LinkedIn for Business Development
  • Master Your Sales Presentation
  • Close Enterprise Deals

Making the Rounds: Defying Norms in Love and MedicineMaking the Rounds: Defying Norms in Love and Medicine
by Patricia Grayhall

Defying expectations of a woman growing up in Arizona in the 1960s, Patricia Grayhall fled Phoenix at nineteen for the vibrant streets of San Francisco, determined to finally come out as a lesbian after years of trying to be a “normal” girl. Her dream of becoming a physician drew her back to college, and then on to medical school in conservative Salt Lake City. 

Roar Like a Goddess: Every Woman's Guide to Becoming Unapologetically Powerful, Prosperous, and PeacefulRoar Like a Goddess: Every Woman's Guide to Becoming Unapologetically Powerful, Prosperous, and Peaceful
by Acharya Shunya

A rallying cry for women everywhere to break free from the shackles of patriarchy and awaken their true nature, brought to life through India’s primary goddess archetypes

Roar Like a Goddess is a portal to the power of the three wisdom goddesses that lie within each of us. This book is a transmission that will awaken and empower you.” ―Tracee Stanley, author of Radiant Rest and Empowered Life Self-Inquiry Oracle Deck

Still on Fire: A MemoirStill on Fire: A Memoir
by Renee Linnell

Prove your effectiveness to anyone—and achieve professional success—by adapting the same ROI methods and metrics that leading companies use.

In an era of evidence-based inquiry, people need to be able to measure their success. In their new book, Patti Phillips and Jack Phillips aim to help readers see the value of their work and then share it with others.

Assassin's LullabyAssassin's Lullaby
by Mark Rubinstein

In every life, there lurks catastrophe. So believes Eli Dagan, a thirty-nine-year-old man whose traumatic past led to his service as an assassin for the Mossad. He now lives in New York City, where under various assumed names he’s a contract killer.

The Paper Tiger SyndromeThe Paper Tiger Syndrome
by Rebecca Ward

Can you remember a time when you felt truly fearless? When you knew, without a doubt, that the world was safe? Can you ever remember feeling completely liberated from the undercurrent of discontent, anxiety, or suffering that’s so prevalent in modern life? For the average person, consistently experiencing that kind of freedom sounds like wishful thinking. Life’s hardships can create a sense of foreboding that’s hard to shake. But the truth is that most fears and anxieties are really just paper tigers.

by Diane Dreher

With its lively, demystifying approach, The Tao of Inner Peace shows how the Tao can be a powerful and calming source of growth, inspiration, and well-being in times of conflict and anxiety.

by Len Joy

The day All-American Joey Blade turns 18, he learns his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, is betrayed by his new girlfriend, and is arrested for the attempted murder of two police officers. Then things get bad.

Heart Medicine: How to Stop Painful Patterns and Find Peace and Freedom--at LastHeart Medicine: How to Stop Painful Patterns and Find Peace and Freedom--at Last
by Radhule Weininger

Find freedom from life’s painful recurring patterns in 12 simple steps, with guided practices of self-compassion, mindfulness, and embodiment.

Do you ever feel trapped by experiencing challenging feelings over and over again--sometimes without realizing it? Or do you find yourself thinking "Why is this happening to me again?" or "Why do I always feel this way?" You're not alone. With Heart Medicine, you can learn to identify your emotional and behavioral patterns through the lens of loving awareness--without self-judgment or blame, learning to hold yourself as you would a dear friend, with space and grace. 

All Are Welcome: How to Build a Real Workplace Culture of Inclusion that Delivers ResultsAll Are Welcome: How to Build a Real Workplace Culture of Inclusion that Delivers Results
by Cynthia Owyoung

Seize the competitive edge and increase innovation―while doing right by people―with a strong culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Studies prove that companies with more diversity in their ranks are more innovative, expand their markets, and perform better financially. Why, then, has so little progress been made, especially when it comes to corporate leadership? Because most companies have yet to develop and implement effective diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives. And the ones that have too often focus mainly on hiring a diversity of staff or rolling out unconscious bias training without improving results. 

by Kevin Krenitsky

Many people live lives riddled with outright anxiety and fear. Instead of happiness and ease being the normal state of existence, most experience happiness as only brief moments of joy, when some desire has been temporarily fulfilled. But it does not have to be this way; happiness can be recognized as our natural state of being.