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MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes

by Ellen W. Cutler, DC with Jeremy E. Kaslow , MD

Published by Rodale

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Welcome to
The Next Frontier In Healing

where natural substances known as enzymes will transform how we view -- and combat -- disease. Unlike conventional medications, which only mask symptoms, enzyme supplements work at the cellular level to repair and prevent the damage that's responsible for a host of health problems. And they're safe, with no known side effects.

MicroMiracles is the definitive resource on enzyme therapy. Here you'll find everything you need to assess your enzyme status and incorporate enzyme supplements into your self-care regimen. Experience their amazing therapeutic benefits for yourself!

* Eliminate food cravings -- and unwanted pounds * Replenish energy stores
* Stimulate immune function
* Protect against heart disease, cancer, and diabetes
* Fight inflammation * Slow the aging process

In MicroMiracles, you'll also discover how undiagnosed food intolerances may leave you feeling less than your best -- and how enzymes support optimum digestion and restore balance to all of your body's systems. Your payoff is radiant health.

pub date: 2005-10-15 | paperback | 9781594862212