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The following is an excerpt from the book Still Hot
by Sue Mittenthal and Linda Reing
Published by Running Press;  March 2008;$12.95US/$13.95CAN; 978-0-7624-3112-0
Copyright © 2008 Sue Mittenthal and Linda Reing

Solo on Saturday night

You call your single girlfriends, each and everyone of them, but they've all lined up dates through You ring up your best married friend and whine. She says, "You think you have it bad? I'm having dinner with my aunt in the Alzheimer's unit tonight." You beg to tag along, but she thinks you're joking.

You buzz your daughter's cell for the fourth time that day. After all, weekend minutes are free. She sees your caller ID and grumbles, "What now?" You improvise a quick excuse, advising her to drive carefully because it's raining. Well, it is.

When your computer is your only reliable companion, consider a few of our favorite dates:

  • Log onto and check out the bad, the worse, and the ugly of celebrity make-overs. Learn all about Melanie Griffith's lip collagen disaster and why Courtney Love looks like she's hoarding chestnuts in her cheeks. We like to begin our search with the Bad Boob Job Hall of Fame.
  • Then join the fans who post notes to the webmaster, like: "Good job spotting Natalie Portman's streamlined nose!" Once you've exhausted the archives, more entertainment awaits at (Warning: these sites are addictive.) 
  • When you're feeling more cerebral, click on for a rousing match of Internet Scrabble. Don't spend too much time wondering who the other players are, and why this is their choice of activity on a Saturday night. Judge not, ladies.
  • Theres nothing like a little retail therapy to help you forget your woes. Indulge in an online shopping spree for jeans, shoes, handbags -- you name it -- at bluefly, eluxury, yoox, overstock, and zappos. Our favorite is for va-va-va-voom Italian lingerie. You'll feel like Sophia Loren back in the day.
  • Once you've hit your credit limit, opt for celebrity bashing -- its free. features wardrobe malfunctions of the rich and famous. Even Scarlett Johansson's celebrated rack, encased in Couture, gets dished. Nothing like mocking the impossibly beautiful to make you feel better about your A-cup Wonderbra.
  • Theres something awfully depressing about settling in with a 1,000-piece puzzle on a Saturday night. Luckily, you can spare a little dignity and do it online at With hundreds of jigsaws in every difficulty and shape, you'll fill your weekends indefinitely. And just in case you ever have a date, he won't see the evidence of your lonely existence strewn all over the coffee table.
  • Check out your teenage son's myspace page. Read all about the rager* he threw last weekend, and how the cops broke it up because everybody got crunked.* While you were at a serenity retreat with your divorce support group.
*Wild inebriated party that turns your house into a parking lot

Copyright © 2008 Sue Mittenthal and Linda Reing