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The Mystery Murder Case of the Century
by Robert Tanenbaum

by Anna Godbersen

Songs of 1966 That Make Me Wish I Could Sing
by Elizabeth Crook

The Opposite of Loneliness
by Marina Keegan

Remembering Ethel Merman
by Tony Cointreau

The Eleven Nutritional Commandments for Joint Health
by Richard Diana


Fiction - Historical

Royal Blood Royal Blood
by Rona Sharon

In the Tudor Court of 1518, your friends and enemies can be one and the same...During the annual celebration of the Order of the Garter, Sir Michael Devereaux arrives in King Henry VIII's court on a mission for his benefactor.

Mother of the Believers: A Novel of the Birth of Islam Mother of the Believers: A Novel of the Birth of Islam
by Kamran Pasha

A stunning debut novel illustrating the birth of Islam from the perspective of the prophet Muhammad's young wife Aisha. Deep in the desert of seventh century Arabia, a new prophet named Muhammad has arisen...

Winter In Madrid Winter In Madrid
by C.J. Sansom

In September 1940, the Spanish Civil War is over and Madrid lies in ruins . . . Into this uncertain world comes Harry Brett, a reluctant spy for the British Secret Service who was traumatized by his recent experience at Dunkirk.

Silver: My Own Tale As Written by Me with a Goodly Amount of Murder Silver: My Own Tale As Written by Me with a Goodly Amount of Murder
by Edward Chupack

This being the last testament of the infamous pirate Long John Silver, you would do well not to trust a word in its pages. Held captive aboard his own ship, the Linda Maria, he is to be taken to England, where he will hang at the king's pleasure.

Immortal Immortal
by Traci L. Slatton

In the majestic heart of Florence, Luca Bastardo is anything but an ordinary boy. Across two centuries of passion and intrigue, Luca will discover an astonishing gift -- one that will lead him to embrace the ancient mysteries of alchemy and healing and to become a trusted confidant to the powerful Medicis.

The Spanish Bow The Spanish Bow
by Andromeda Romano-Lax

In a dusty, turn-of-the-century Catalan village, the bequest of a cello bow sets young Feliu Delargo on an unlikely path. When a local land-owner's wrath threatens his family, the Spanish bow leads Feliu to anarchist Barcelona, then on to the court in Madrid, where a music master's daughter gives him his first lessons in the art of love.

Mademoiselle Victorine: A Novel Mademoiselle Victorine: A Novel
by Debra Finerman

When Victorine Laurent joins the chorus of the grand Paris Opera ballet, she expects to become the mistress of a wealthy man; this is how young women without family survive in the decadent City of Light.

The Priest's Madonna: A Novel The Priest's Madonna: A Novel
by Amy Hassinger

At the end of the nineteenth century, a priest in the village of Rennes-le-Ch√Ęteau suddenly came into possession of immense wealth. Legend has it that he found some documents that threatened the Catholic Church -- and that he was paid handsomely for his silence.

The Passion of Mary Magdalen: A Novel The Passion of Mary Magdalen: A Novel
by Elizabeth Cunningham

Make way for Maeve, the feisty, outspoken Celtic Magdalen, telling her own story, on her own terms. No one's disciple, she is lover, bard, priestess, healer. And like her beloved Jesus, Maeve incarnates the divine mystery of love -- in the flesh.

by Jacqueline Winspear